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We launched this blog for creative entrepreneurs, brides-to-be, travel aficionados, and hopeless romantics. If you love pretty photos, good food, learning tips and tricks for your creative business as well as gaining insight for your wedding day, this blog is for you!

We wanted to create a space where we can share all of the things we love in a way that can help someone else in some way. Plus, we seriously love taking photos and videos and sharing them with others. Hope ya’ll don’t mind that we share them with you.

To start, we wanted to officially introduce ourselves with 20 fun facts about us.

  1. We love fine art film photography and cinematography.
  2. We get to work our dream job! Before going full time with our business last year, we had been doing this for years as our hobby. It’s seriously an honor to have your hobby become your career.
  3. We met when we were little, grew up as friends and fell in love during our college years.
  4. We are obsessed with traveling. We love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and appreciating new foods. (Especially the food lol)
  5. Our closets are almost fully black and white with a few other neutral tones. We both have a serious inclination toward neutral toned clothing. Anyone else suffer from this?
  6. We are currently binge watching The Office on Netflix and loving it. (ps. Don’t post any spoilers. We’re only on Season 2. Tysm.)
  7. We are Jesus-loving + Jesus-following people. Our relationship with Jesus defines who we are in so many ways.
  8. Our favorite food is Thai, Indian, and Latin American. But we’ll pretty much try anything.
  9. JP has a serious obsession with coffee. Coffee is something he looks forward to daily. He particularly loves Guatemalan coffee.
  10. JP is part of a Christian, pop band called Kairos. They’re kind of a big deal in Latin America, just so ya’ll know (lol).
  11. JP’s brother and my sister are also married so our nephews are our nephews on both sides. It’s kind of amazing.
  12. JP started delving into photography and videography since middle school. Whereas, I got into it a few months after we married.
  13. We lived in Pennsylvania for the first two years of our marriage, but moved back to Miami about a year ago.
  14. JP is a night owl, but I’m a morning person. He is slowly converting me, though.
  15. We live in Miami and our favorite part about it is that you never run out of good food spots. (Can you tell we are foodies?)
  16. Our approach to photography and videography is different. JP is more technical and a perfectionist (in the best way). I am all about making connections and having our couples feel comfortable. I think we make a great team. 🙂
  17. We enjoy home decor and watching Fixer Upper when we get the chance. We’re bummed the show ended, but thank God for re-runs.
  18. I’m Dominican and JP is from Guatemala.
  19. We recently bought our first film camera and there is no turning back. Two words: skin tones! Skin tones and colors look so real on film. We are excited to keep growing.
  20. Our hope is for our art to connect with others. We love seeing our clients happy and we will always strive for that!

Can you tell us any fun facts about yourself? We’d love to get to know you guys too!

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  • Ana - The Office is the best!! One of my favorite shows (after Friends).ReplyCancel

    • thecardonas - Friends is the other show we watch on Netflix too 🙂 It’s the best!ReplyCancel

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